Storied History | Friendly Faces | Amazing Food

Storied History | Friendly Faces | Amazing Food

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For fresh food in friendly surroundings, look no further than Elm Tree Diner. Our restaurant is the ideal place to enjoy a great meal while spending time with friends and family.

Drop in today and see for yourself why regulars keep coming back to Elm Tree Diner.

3 occurrences that shaped Elm Tree Diner

Elm Tree Diner has a long and storied history in the area. Here are a few events that have made our restaurant what it is today:

  1. Elm Tree Diner opened for business in 1947 in Houlton, Maine.
  2. A fire did serious damage to our beloved restaurant in 2009.
  3. After the fire, we rebuilt Elm Tree Diner from the ground up.

For more information about the 2009 fire that destroyed our original building, read all about it in the Bangor Daily News.